Nice to meet you!

Who I am?

As you know, I'm a graphic and digital designer. Currently, I'm based in Vancouver, Canada, and I'm originally from Spain.


I'm really passionate about creativity. For me, it's the language of emotions and, both creative and design processes that allow a person to keep learning and improving nonstop. And, that fascinated me. 


Well, to be honest, I'm not very good at presenting myself in a formal way, so I'll tell you some facts about me:


1. I love summer 🌞. Flowers, birds, sea, summer nights... everything inspires my mind.

2. I love traveling 🚀. Every single new thing my eyes see, make me feel excited. Oh, yes, that inspire me as well :D

3. If you like coffee ☕️ and chocolate 🍫, we already can be friends.

Overall, thank you for visiting my portfolio. I hope you enjoyed it!

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